In his free time, J loves to bring people together. He`s played at several parties in Ibiza, Montreal, Tulum, Paris and São Paulo as well as organized different music & art related events in Barcelona in places such as Guzzo Club, Haimney Gallery & Silencio Ibiza to name a few others.

Always having different ways of conceptualizing in mind, his creations range from a simple friends gathering with a finesse music selection to having 150 creatives from all over the world coming to a single place for an art exhibition such as Knowhere in which his team selected the artpieces that were going to be displayed, making sure it was quite interactive & multisensory.

J also liaises with musicians producing content for them, whether in digital formats or tangible, helping them find their public & get more gigs, connecting people as one of his gifts.

You can listen to some of his curations here -

Fritz & The Cat - This Is Us

Barcelona, Que Beleza! 

Rosa Morena

Zef Racek - Burden of Man 


ft Lucia Fumero

Yadira Ferrer


Lívia Nestrovski & Fred Ferreira


Mark Aanderud

Black Lives Do Matter!