Alaskka: The Melting Music Scene of Barcelona & Rio de Janeiro

A film by João Thurnher

Feature documentary  film

Currently under production



Alaskka is an experimental documentary that in a nutshell portrays the artist's B side during the pandemic in an attempt to humanize them, bringing together different concerns related to the world of music as well as making a strong reference to the importance of arts & culture in our society.



Alaskka has been shot between Barcelona & Rio de Janeiro, the fact that both have a lot in common in terms of lifestyle as well as the director's double nationality made him include these two cities in the documentary. 




Director: João Thurnher

Associate Producers: Anderson Pedroza, Angelica Rodrigues, Bianca Moreno, Claudia Shaldervan, Danuzia Chaves, Gabriel Miranda, Gabriela Rabaldo, Manuel Alejandro, Mollie Wilson, Victor Ekstrom, Tom Norman & Thomas Falk

Music: Mark Aanderud & Fred Guzzo

Talents:  Agusti Zuriguel Aliaga, Ama Dee, Andrey Smidl, Bruno Butenas Lopez, Cosy Rosi , Diego Montiel de This Side UP, Fred Ferreira, Gabriel Fortunato, Guilherme Lessa, Ivan Arcuschin, La Fraicheur, Livia Nestrovski, Matheus Goulart, Mark Aanderud, Magali Datzira, Paulo Dias y Rahel Muniozguren

Special participation from: Ellen Oléria, Tássia Reis & Gog O Poeta

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A series of interviews will be published on Youtube before the official release of the documentary so people can have have a taste of what this is all about: